The build vs buy decision is an important part of the development process.  Either choice can be valid depending on the
situation.  Here we can help you make the right decisions, which will move your business to the next level.
Development to Solutions

We provides expert software consulting and development services.  Our Professional
Consultants will start discussing your needs.  We could integrate two system together;
customize your software application and do functionality gap analysis to identify the needs;
or build a specific design by gathering requirements, scope definition and specification
development, which will lead to solution design, architecture and implementation,
followed by documentation and maintenance of the finished project.Custom reporting

  •    E-commerce Websites
  •    Microsoft.NET , Java, Microsoft Share Point

  •    Microsoft Access Programming
  •    C++ / Enbedded Lunix
  •    Data Driven Website
  •    Web Design &Redesign
  •    Web Hosting
  •    Custom Software Development
  •    Software Prototyping
  •    Technology &  Software SecurityConsulting
  •    Marketing Consulting
EMC VNXe Unified Storage!!!!
  • Up to 120 disk drives
  • Application-wizard provisioning
  • Local Protection Suite
  • Application Protection Suite
  • Remote Protection Suite
  • Security and Compliance Suite

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